Below is an AVI of a capture of Jupiter
C14, TV 2.5x Powermate, Flea3 Camera, Firecapture, Astronomiks Red filter
This is part of a typical captuire sequence, It is only 500 frames to save loading time but the frames are not selected
for qualtity.

Note that in the raw AVI you can not only tell that Jupiter had horizontal cloud bands, but you can actually see at
leastt a little detail within those bands.

This isn't the best seeing I have ever had, but it is good seeing.

If the seeing is such that I can't see any detail in the cloud bands, live,  on the monitor it is probably not worth
capturing that night. Either wait an hour to see if the seeing improves, or try again a different night.
Is the seeing good enough?

that same data post wavelets.

If you don't have good seeing that night you aren't going to have data worth processing.