Jim Solomon of Saratoga Skies (http://www.saratogaskies.com/) and I collaborated
on the planning, capture and processing of this image.

From my site Comet 2020 f3 lay low over the middle of the San Francisco Bay Area and the Golden Gate, the area
of the sky with
by far the worst light pollution, humidity and haze.  
We imaged on several early mornings and evenings. This was our best.

"Down" is approximately to your left.

The image is a composite of about 200 successive 20 sec exposures with a Canon Rebel camera and Canon 70mm lens,
mounted on a Celestron AVX mount.

Processing with CCDStack 2, IRIS, AIP4WIN, Photoshop and probably more. Processing was not easy.
Comet C/2020f3 NEOWISE