Tak FSQ ED + Reducer, STL 11000M, Astrodon Ha filter, AP1200
Mosaic of 12 Panels. Mosaic via TheSky6, Automation by CCDCommander
Nights of August 25 - September 3 2009

The image covers from the North American Nebula in the upper left to the Crescent in the lower
right. I also see a witch riding a broom at the top center and Africa just below the center,  southwest
of Gamma Cygnus and southeast of "North America" as it were.

The field of view is just over 21 degrees on the diagonal. The image of the moon below,  is exactly
the same scale to give an idea of the field covered.

Mouseover for labels of some of the included objects.

Left click on image for larger size (but still binned 4x4 from the original mosaic)
Cygnus Region in Ha