Jupiter 7 November
Celestron C14, 2x Powermate. IS-618MU camera*
Astronomik RGBHb filters
Seeing about 9/10
2000 frames each  16.6 mS/frame RGB, 32mS/Frame Hbeta, best 400 of each stacked
Lucam Recorder for capture, AVIStack2, Registax6 and Photoshop for processing

Note the different color balance and finer detail in the image using NIR
HBeta used for less atmospheric dispersion

* DMK USB camera with Sony ICX618 chip, USB 2.0 connection
Jupiter and Callisto
0437H UTC
NIR, R, G, Hb, B filters
Color: Red from 0.5 NIR+R, Green from G, Blue from HBeta+B
Luminance from 0.5 NIR + the color image as above
0522H UTC
R, G, Hb filters
Red from R, Green from G, Blue from HBeta