Jupiter and Ganymede  1 Feb 2013
0439H  UTC
Celestron C14, 2.5x Powermate. Flea3
Astronomik IR,R,G,B filters, 3000 frames each  10 (Red) to 17 (Blue) mS/frame, best 1000 stacked
Registax, Photoshop

At the time of this image the apparent diameter of Jupiter was about 42.6" and that of Ganymede about 1.58"

I have been trying to get true detail on the Jovian moons. A problem is separating true features from the edge artifact on such
small targets. See Martin Lewis's discussion at:
see  http://www.skyinspector.co.uk/Mars-Edge-Artefact(2449277).htm  

There is not much detail on Ganymede in my image but I see a dark area towards 2 o'clock, a light area towards 6:30 with a
darker area just above it to the right and a vague white cap from 11 to 1:30. Compare to the WinJupos image of Ganymede
(below) for this same time,and same orientation
WinJupos image for Ganymede,
same date and time
from above image