These images were taken at 8:19 PM (Pythagoras) and 8:23 PM (Anaximander) Jan 27 2010, 13 day moon. (Times GMT -8)  
The moon was nearly full so I had to image far to the west and north to get any contrast. The moon phase wasn't optimal. The seeing was poor.
But after two months of near constant rain I'll take what I can get.

Pythagoras is at Lunar Long 63.8 W Lunar Lat 63.5 N
Anaximander is at 51.3 W 66.9 N

TEC 250/20 MakCass, Powermate 2x,  DMK 41AU02 mono camera, Astronomik IIc Lumininace filter
Final Focal length 10m, image scale 0.096"/px
AVI Stack (Stacking), Registax (Gaussian Wavelet Filters), Photoshop CS/4, NeatImage
"Around the corner"