C14, 2.5x Powermate, Flea3, Astronomiks IR filter
FireCapture for capture (highly recommended)
AVIStack for processing

Mouseover for Lablels

This was done in large part as a resolution test.

To check the diameter of craters A and B I used the LROC mapping tool found here:
Jan 13 2013
measurement of the crater diameter and, using the up-sun and down-sun walls as a line-pair proxy allows you to test
resolution. This site, and Virtual Moon (http://ap-i.net/avl/en/download) are useful for checking that the "crater" you are
meauring actually is real and to determine the diameter of the crater, wall to wall

Craters A and B as in mouseover have the profiles shown below.
Crater A
Crater B
The focal length (measured) is about 9.7 meters. The earth-moon distance on Jan 13 2013 about 363455 km  (surface to surface) so "A", a
1.4 Km diameter crater would be about 0.79 arc sec and B, an 0.8 Km crater about 0.45 arc sec.  I am pretty confident I am resolving down
Dawes limit for a 14" C14 is 0.33 arc sec