Eratosthenes Wallace and Montes Carpatus

On Christmas night the sky became hazy by about 10 PM but as the haze appeared the seeing was briefly superb.

TEC 250 f/20, DMK mono camera
Processed with AVI stack, Registax for Wavelet filtering and Photoshop
Fortunately my son, Michael was here for Christmas to assist with the imaging and processing

The craters Eratosthenes D, E and F are all listed as 4 Km diameter. These provided a baseline to determine the image scale (mean pixel diameter
of those four craters) and from this the diameter of the other indicated craters were calculated from their diameters in pixels.

The original image scale was 0.19"/px (about 360 meters at the mean distance of the moon) but the final images have been resampled

Some of the visuallized craters are less than 1 Km diameter and their presence is confirmed from LOPAM and Apollo Mapping Camera images.
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Region of Eratosthenes D E and F
(see above image)

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