Plato and Vallis Alpes
Christmas night 2009, 9 day moon

On Christmas night the sky became hazy by about 10 PM but as the haze appeared the seeing was briefly superb.

TEC 250 f/20, DMK mono camera
Processed with AVI stack, Registax for Wavelet filtering and Photoshop
Fortunately my son, Michael was here for Christmas to assist with the imaging and processing
Detail of Mons Pico region (at 7 o'clock from Plato)

Craters down to about 1000 meters diameter are visible(Dawes limit for 250mm aperture is 880 m for the moon that night) .
The LOPAM image confirms there are craters here, not just noise
(Note the projection and orientation of the LOPAM image is very different)
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