M35 (NGC 2168) is the large open cluster. The smaller cluster is NGC2158. Note the redder stars in NGC 2158. M35 is about 175
million years old and contains young blue stars. NGC 2158 is about 1 billion years old and contains older red stars. M35 is about 2800
Ly away, NGC 2158 about 1600 Ly

Taken with STL11000m, Tak FS 152 and dedicated F6 reducer 4/13 and 4/17 2008 during moderately full moon
I chose this subject because of the dense starfield, to test the FR. There is some vignetting (manageable and partially removed with

LRGB each  7 x 5 min. Luminance is [L+R+G+B] Hue is R, G, B

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M35 and NGC 2158