VMC260L STL11K (0.6"/px) AP1200
FS78 Guide scope (ie not guided with onboard chip)

L=240min R=250min G=245min B=245min H=630min
Luminance = L+R+G+B R=R+70%Ha G=G B=B+11%Ha
Effective Luminance = 8H Total time = 26.83 Hr over (Four nights)

At about 1:30 to M82, near the bright yellow star (GSC4383:326, Mag 9.25) is a faint galaxy, PGC2732102, Mag 18.0

M82 never sets at my latititude so I could capture essentially from dusk to dawn. However M82 is to the north of me in the
area of the worst light dome so this, combined with some of the subs being taken at low alt created marked light pollution

Gradients removed with GradientXterminator. Processing in CCDStack and Photoshop CS2

Click on image for 1.5Mb JPG)