Mars New Years Night 2010
Mars New Years Day (actually 1022h UTC January 2 2010)

TEC 250 f20 + 2x Powermate (final focal length 10 meters).  Skynyx 2-1 color camera. Image scale 96 mArcSec/pixel
1000 frame AVI captured with Lucam Recorder, Stacked with AVI Stack, wavelet sharpening with Registax final processing with Photoshop CS2

As on Christmas night, New Years Night provided a brief window of clear skies. As Mars transited a light haze picked up and the seeing became very good.
Shortly after transit the cloud cover became solid.

See image below to orient to some features (Xanthe and Valles Marineris) relative to a Hubble image of Mars taken at the 1995 opposition.
Note the Hubble image is taken at a slightly different rotation of the planet.
Click on image for original