FireCapture for Capture
AVIStack2 and Registax6 for processing

Apparent Diameter 10.14 Arc Sec
93% Illuminated

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The labeled gray-white areas labeled as "Mountains" (Olympus Mons, Alba Mons and the three peaks of the Tharsis Montes) are not the mountains themselves
but orographic clouds forming on the sides of those mountains.

"Orographic" (from the Greek Oro (hill) and graph (write) ) clouds form when winds encounter a mountain and are forced upwards, Surprisingly the atmosphere
of Mars can be supersaturated with water and as the air rises the air pressure decreases and the air cools, water vapor in the air condenses.  Because of the
very low pressure the vapor condenses not as water droplets but as ice crystals.

The mountains on which the clouds are forming are
high - 7 to 22 Km above the mean Marian surface. Mt Everest by comparison is about 9 Km above sea level)

Thanks to the educated, helpful people on the Yahoo SCT group for directing me to information about the Martian orographic clouds.