NGC 1514 is a planetary nebula in Taurus, about 600 Light Years from earth.
Mag ~10, Diameter ~ 2.2 arc min.

At one time it was thought that nebulae were collections of stars too distant to be individually resolved. Observing this nebula
William Herschel decided that the nebulae were not just collections of faint stars.

TEC Mak Cass 250 mm aperture, 5000 mm FL (My first image with this scope)
STL 11000M, AP1200
Captured with CCDCommander and Maxim v5
About 2 hours each R, G, B.
Processing with CCDStack, Photoshop

Half the subs were obtained at 68% moon illumination and half at 97% moon illumination, the latter with target only 17
degrees from the moon. The long focal ratio of this scope is excellent at reducing the effect of sky background on this fairly
faint, low contrast target. The long FL TEC should work very well from my suburban location.
NGC 1514