How big is that?
lanet Sizes Compared
August 2020
In August of 2020 Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are all showing their stuff.

The upper row shows the planet's "apparent
" size (how big each looks as seen from earth).
I.e. the upper row shows all three at the same image scale.

But Mars is much closer and Saturn much further from Earth than Jupiter, so this doesn't show their real relative sizes.
The second row shows how large these planets would appear if e
ach was viewed from the same distance.

All images were taken with a Celestron C14, TV Barlow, and ASI 174MM camera
Focal length for all was at about FL 17.4 m.

(Well, all except the image of Earth. I couldn't get my scope far enough back from
the Earth to image it, so that is "an
artists impression" of Earth to give you an idea of the scale)

Below are links to larger versions of the images of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.