Using Lucam to smooth Bayer Array artifact with Skynyx 2-1c Color Camera
Lucam recorder ( offers several different formats for image capture. I
had been using either AVI (limited to 8 bit color) or TIFF (which can take advantage of the 12 bit color depth of the Skynyx 2-1c
camera).  But with either, the Bayer array of the one shot color camera caused a herringbone artifact  Imaging small targets (Mars is
currently only 14" diameter) this herringbone/grid artifact shows in the final image.

Below is a test image of a building with prominent vertical and horizontal edges, a blow up of an area to show the artifact in an image
made from TIFF data and the separate R G and B channels.
Overview of area imaged
The grid/herringbone pattern is mostly from the Green channel
If you capture in the proprietary SER format there is a batch utility that will later convert the SER data to other formats such as TIFF or FITS. When doing that
conversion it can also do a Bayer to RGB conversion which substantially removes the grid artifact:
From SER with Bayer to RGB conversion