May 19, 2011 about 2241 PDT
C14, 2x Powermate, FL 7.7m, Flea3 Mono camera
Astronomiks typ 2c R,G,B filters

This is my first image with the Flea3, taken on a night I would give the seeing a grade of "B"

Just above the rings you can (barely) see Tehtys (Mag 10.5) to the left of Saturn and Enceladus (Mag 12) to the right (both
stretched separately). That attests to to the aperture of the C14 and to the QE of the ICX618 chip in the Flea3

Captured as 2000 Frame SER with Firecapture, stacked using AVI-Stack, processed with Registax Wavelets function
and, Photoshop
Saturn May 19, 2011