5 Feb 2012 1226 UTC
Celestron C14, 2.5x Powermate. Flea3 (0.125"/px),
Astronomik RGB and Baader NIR filters (see below). Starlight Xpress Fitler Wheel
FireCapture for Capture (Highly Recommended)
2000 frames (each) captured, 250 to 400 frames stacked
AVIStack2 and Registax6 for processing

Saturn is low in the south, and worse that is an area where I get coastal haze/fog but on the morning of 5 Feb I did manage to get my first image of Saturn for 2012.

Because of the low Alt, relatively lower Blue QE of my camera and the haze, the blue channel was particularly dim. Admittedly the long exposure times and total
capture times are in large part due to the very small image scale for this target with the 2.5x Powermate but I was also imaging Mars that morning and did not want to
change configuration.

So I used 2x2 binning for the Blue data (only). The final image is: IR for Lum, Red+IR for Red, Green for Green (all unbinned) and Blue binned 2x2 for Blue. The 2x2
binning lost some resolution but shortened the exposure time thereby also improving the resolution and made total capture time more manageable.

Note that the Flea3 camera has a native maximum gain of 24 dB (Gain Setting = 2400) but that FireCapture allows you to run in an extended gain range up to 32.37
dB (Gain Setting = 3237).

Separate Channels are below
Gain=3318 (33.18 dB)
Gain=3276 (32.76 dB)
Gain=3135 (31.35 dB)
Gain=3237 (32.37 dB)