11 May 2016 0501 UTC
Celestron C14, TV Barlow Powermate. ASI 174MM
Measured FL 15,650, 0.08"/px
Astronomik R,G,B,IR filters. Starlight Xpress Fitler Wheel
FireCapture for Capture (Highly Recommended)
Autostakkert Registax6 and WinJuPos for processing
The ASI174MM has larger pixels than the ASI120MM so even with a change from a 2x to a
2.5X powermate I was not getting the same degree of oversampling as before with the ASI120.

So I changed to a Barlow giving (with the backspace to the camera chip) about 4x
magnification, a measured FL of 15650 and 0.08" / px. With the C14 (Dawes Limit about 0.33")
that results in 4.22x oversampling (more than the textbook 3.3x but I am limited by available

The result here and with a Mars image the same night (see below) was much better detail.
Some of that was the excellent seeing but the greater oversampling definitelly helped.
45 minute capture, frames processed wtih PIPP and WinJuPos
(this is my first CH4 image)