Celestron C14, TV Barlow Powermate. ASI 174MM
Measured FL 15,650, 0.08"/px
Astronomik R,G,B filters. Starlight Xpress Fitler Wheel
FireCapture for Capture (Highly Recommended)
Autostakkert Registax6 and WinJuPos for processing

Apparent Diameter 17 Arc Sec Alt 30° 44" (within 20 minutes of transit)
11 May 2016  0840 UTC
The ASI174MM has larger pixels than the ASI120MM so even with a change from a 2x to a
2.5X powermate I was not getting the same degree of oversampling as before with the ASI120.

So I changed to a Barlow giving (with the backspace to the camera chip) about 4x
magnification, a measured FL of 15650 and 0.08" / px. With the C14 (Dawes Limit about 0.33")
that results in 4.22x oversampling (more than the textbook 3.3x but I am limited by available

The result here and with a Jupiter image the same night (see below) was much better detail.
Some of that was the excellent seeing but the greater oversampling definitelly helped.